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Why StakeLove

StakeLove is Robust

The most important thing for a staking pool is to make sure they will be operational 100% of the time. While its foolish to guarantee 100% uptime, we can engineer failsafe systems to robustly insure if the unexpected happens we are covered. StakeLove runs multiple servers in multiple locations around the world to provide redundant backups in case of a failure. Switching between redundant backups is one of the key technologies necessary to insure highly reliable service.

StakeLove is Efficient

We will provide you with the best value for your money. What that means is that we won't be the cheapest platform out there to stake with. We know there will be many pool operators that advertise low, or no fees do not have a sustainable business model. We engineer reliable and secure service at a pricepoint that is fair.

StakeLove is Secure

Bad actors can penetrate servers, steel the pool keys, and cause problems for production of blocks. Our servers are secured behind protected firewalls and audited regularly by a team of devOps engineers with decades of experience. Pool hacks cannot compromise your funds, but they can lead to missed blocks - so missed rewards.


Collect rewards for funds sitting in your wallet

Staking your cardano provides rewards to you for the funds sitting in your wallet. The reason you get rewarded is because you are helping secure and decentralize the Cardano network

Your funds are safe

The way staking works is you delegate staking from your wallet to the pool of your choice. The funds NEVER leave your wallet and you can spend or transfer them at any time. The only risk when it comes to staking is that you pick a pool that is not reliable and so you miss out on rewards.

Where are we at

At the end of the month we are expecting Shelley Incentivized testnet to release. At that time any funds that are in a Dedaulus or Yoroi Wallet at that time can be accessed and used for staking on the testnet. The rewards from this will be converted to REAL mainnet ADA at a future date, so this is real ADA we are talking about. Please refer to for all the details.

StakeLove is on the beta ITN!

Please find our Ticker there under LOVE, AIJOU or LIEBE

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